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December Health Check-In

Heath Check-In

It’s a new year full of hopes and goals and a clean slate and I’m excited about that!  2016 has come and gone.  I’m ready to make 2017 a year of actually achieving the goals I’ve set out to accomplish.  And getting healthy is a big part of those goals.

But before I can move forward into this new year, I guess it’s only fitting to look back at this past month and see how I did health-wise in December.  If you’ve missed any of my other health check-ins, you can read them here: October and November.

After a complete disaster of a month in November, I set my goals pretty low for December.  I mean, I already knew that Christmas and all the parties and family gatherings were going to happen, so I planned for them and planned to enjoy them.

In fact, I gave myself quite a bit of leeway in December, knowing that I would hit the ground running in January.  I slept in a bit (as much as Little Miss would allow), took the week of Christmas off from my triathlon training and didn’t beat myself up over what I ate.  It was nice, but by the end of the month I was more than ready to get back on the road to a healthier lifestyle!

So, let’s just have a little look at how things went in December and get ready to move on into January!

December 2016


I aimed to be on plan (Trim Healthy Mama) at least one meal a day.  According to the habit tracker in my bullet journal, I had at least one meal on plan 12 times in December.  I can’t decide if that’s good or not.  The part of me that wanted nothing but powdered donuts, cookies and pizza all month is really pretty impressed with that number.

I did eat sweets (and a lot of them) at Christmas, but honestly, by the time our last family Christmas rolled around, I was sick of sugar and didn’t eat any dessert!  That is actually a really big deal for me, and I’m taking it as a good sign as we move into 2017.

My water intake was just so-so.  I wasn’t great about tracking how much water I drank, especially early in the month.  My goal is 90 ounces per day, and I probably only drank that much once or twice in December.

While my eating and water were not great in December they actually went better than I thought they would.  I had really low expectations after the disaster that was November, so I’m kind of pleased. I’ll give myself a C because I didn’t completely gorge myself during the holidays and I was on plan more than I thought I would be.


Exercise actually went really well in December!  I have a set date for my triathlon, which has kept me focused on my training.  I built a couple of extra weeks into my training schedule because I knew that December would be hard.  Our trip to New York City early in the month put a kink in my workout plans and I took the week of Christmas off too, which ended up working out for the best because I got sick.

Other than those 2 “off” weeks, I consistently worked out 3-4 days each week and I’m proud that I didn’t let those off weeks completely derail my training.  I surprised myself be being anxious to get back to the gym the last week of the month.  If that’s not a Christmas miracle, I don’t know what is!

I think I’ll give myself a B for December.  Even though I anticipated having to take a couple of weeks off due to travel and Christmas, I still didn’t workout consistently the entire month.


Self-care didn’t get off the ground in December.  Like I mentioned before, I let myself sleep in a little, which was much-needed since we were out late quite a bit with family in town this month.  I don’t think I did a whole Miracle Morning all month, but that’s ok because I’ve got big plans for January.

I did get some “me” time last month while we were in NYC.  The Mister had a conference for work, so I took the mornings to sleep in and read while I waited for him to be done for the day.  I also went to the gym several times each week and I was able to do some Christmas shopping alone.  There was even an evening that I had the house to myself, but that’s because I was running a fever of 102 and The Mister and Little Miss went to church without me.  I’m not sure I’d call that “me” time, but I did get to catch up a couple of shows I hadn’t watched as I snuggled on the couch with my dog.

Self-care is getting a D for December.  The only reason I’m not giving myself an F is because I took some time to myself.

December Stats

I weigh and measure at the beginning and end of each month and keep track in my bullet journal.  Here are my stats for December:

Weight loss: -0.6 pounds

I’m actually pretty pleased that I managed to lose.  The month of December has never been good to my waistline, so I feel like coming out a little bit in the negative is a major win.

As far as measuring, I’m putting that on hold for a month because I realized that I was just measuring in random spots and that’s not going to give me accurate stats.  So for January I’ve chosen some “landmarks” in the form of freckles on my arms and legs so that my measurements stay accurate.

Looking Back at December Goals

Let’s take a look and see how I did with my December goals:


  • Be on plan (Trim Healthy Mama) as often as possible.  I know there will be parties and holidays and my goal is to not overdo it and stuff myself.  

I was on plan at least one meal 12 days in the month of December.  Honestly, that’s better than I thought I would do.  I did eat some holiday goodies and I did overdo it a little as well.


  • Do my sprint triathlon training each week.  This will be tricky with a vacation and Christmas, but I’m going to do my best to move things around so I don’t have conflicts.

I took 2 weeks off due to being out of town and Christmas, but I was able to get creative.  We had family in town before Christmas and I still got all of my workouts in.


  • Get back in the Miracle Morning routine.  Even if I don’t do all 6 SAVERS, I still want to read and do yoga each morning.

I didn’t get back into the Miracle Morning routine- not even reading and doing yoga each morning.  I did manage to read several times during the month, but not always in the morning, which is still ok.

Goals for January

Alright, it’s time to get 2017 started on the right foot, so I’m going to set some big goals here.  Health is paramount for me this year, so no more playing around! We’ll see what I have to say for myself at the end of the month!  I’ve set 2 goals in each category for January.


  • Be on plan (Trim Healthy Mama) all month with one exception for cheating- The Mister’s birthday.  This is huge for me because I like to cheat, but that’s probably why I never stick to eating well.
  • Meal plan each week and add in at least one new recipe per week.  I am a creature of habit, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I need to broaden my food horizons.


  • Do my sprint triathlon training each week.  I don’t have any extra weeks left in my training plan, so I have to get my workouts in.
  • Alternate yoga and ab workouts each morning.  They don’t have to be long (like 10 minutes, max), but they need to get done.


  • Get back on the Miracle Morning bus.  I feel so much better when I get my day started with purpose.  Each morning will consist of prayer, Bible reading, affirmations and visualization, and some form of exercise.  I plan to keep a better journal this year, but that probably won’t happen in the mornings.
  • Get out of the house by myself twice this month.  This does not include grocery shopping or going to the gym.

Well, 2016 was not the healthy year I intended it to be, but I have bigger goals for 2017 and I plan to achieve them!  What are your health goals for this year?

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