Mom Needs a Time Out

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It’s been one of those weeks.  Little Miss is teething and has a little bit of diaper rash.  She’s thrown up her breakfast in the car twice this week (I guess we got that tummy bug that’s going around) and pooped in the bathtub.  Motherhood in all of its glory, folks!mom-needs-%e2%80%a8a-%e2%80%a8time-out

Needless to say, nap time has been pretty hit or miss, diaper changes involve a lot of screaming (her, not me) and Butt Paste, I’ve taken apart, washed and put back together our brand new car seat twice in 3 days, and the bathtub and all of her bath toys have been thoroughly washed and sanitized.  Then add in normal life with a toddler, and you can imagine, I’m beat.  All of you moms with multiple children- I am in awe of you.

In some instances, timing works out perfectly.  Months ago, when I bought tickets to see the Dixie Chicks, I had no idea how desperately I would be in need of a Girls’ Night.  A night of good food, eaten while it was still warm.  A night out of the house.  And a night of singing loudly to country music that was current 15 years ago.  When I was in high school.  Good grief, I’m old!

Sometimes Mom needs a time out too.

Our view of the Dixie Chicks concert- 3 rows from the top.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter and motherhood has given me such a sense of purpose, but sometimes a mom needs to get out of the house and recharge her own batteries.  It’s hard to take care of a tiny human when you aren’t at your best.

My experience is as a stay at home mom, but working moms, this definitely goes for you too.  You have double the responsibility and that can lead to double the exhaustion, so take some time for yourselves!

Let’s also take a moment to give a nod to the dads out there.  Dads need some time for themselves too.  It can be taxing on them to come home from a long day at work, only to have a kid thrust at them and watch their wife retreat to the far ends of the house.  Their idea of a time out may look different than a woman’s, but they need a break too.


Sometimes I feel selfish for wanting a little “me” time.  I hate calling someone to come hang out with Little Miss while I go run errands.  Shouldn’t I be able to do that with my kid?  Didn’t I choose to quit work and stay at home?  Isn’t this my life now?

I really hate asking my husband to take on solo parenting duties so I can go to the gym or a concert or even just wander around the grocery store aimlessly.  He works all day in a stressful job and I want him to get to enjoy his time off and relax.  But he sends me off and tells me to have fun and that he’s got it all under control.  And he does.  We’re a pretty great team.  We watch out for each other and make sure we get some time to do the things we need to do to clear our heads and be better spouses and parents.  We can always do better though.

Why is it so hard for moms to make that extra time for themselves?  Why do we continually run ourselves into the ground taking care of everyone else before we stop for a little time for us?  I love this quote by Eleanor Brownn:

'Self-care is so important. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.'Click To Tweet

We have to remember that in order to take the best care of our families possible, we also have to take care of ourselves.  What good am I going to be to my husband or daughter if I’m exhausted, grumpy and frazzled?

Here are a few ideas for a Mom Time Out.  Some require childcare, while others can be done while the kids are asleep.  Some will take several hours, but some can be done in just a few minutes.  The amount of time spent is not what’s important here.  What’s important is letting yourself take a minute to clear your mind of all the chaos and refresh yourself.

Mom Time Outs

  • Spend an evening out. Have dinner with your husband or a movie with friends.  Adult conversation can do wonders for the psyche!
  • Go get a manicure or pedicure.  Hey, go crazy and do both!  It’s hard to feel frazzled with pretty nails!
  • Make an appointment to get your hair done.  A fresh haircut always makes me feel better.
  • Take a walk around your favorite store or the mall.  You don’t have to buy anything, but window shopping can be fun too!
  • Get some exercise.  Head to the gym for your favorite class.  Or maybe you prefer walking, running or biking around your neighborhood or a park.  Get those endorphins pumping and it will lift your mood for sure!
  • Take a nice long bath or shower.  I love a good bubble bath.  Unfortunately, our bathtub is tiny, so I don’t get them as often as I’d like.  But a nice, hot shower?  Oh yeah.  Melt all your cares away!
  • Curl up with a good book or magazine.  There’s nothing like getting lost in a good story or daydreams of home decor.
  • Not in the mood to read?  Snuggle up on the couch with some popcorn or ice cream and enjoy a movie or Netflix marathon.

The whole goal here is to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.  Whether that’s once a day or once a week, taking some time for yourself will make you a better mom in the long run.

Do you have a Mom Time Out idea that you love?  Share it in the comments!

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