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Heath Check-In

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Well folks, it’s that time again.  Time for my November Health Check-In!  Am I excited to share how the month went for me?  No.  Not really.

November started out with a lot of promise, but quickly took a nosedive that I was too tired and lazy to get out of.  My plans of getting in bed early so I could get up to complete my Miracle Mornings went out the window early.

I blame the election.  We stayed up until 1 AM waiting to see how things would shake out before finally giving in and going to sleep.  That started a bad sleep cycle that was only made worse by the dreaded 18 Month Sleep Regression.  Little Miss decided to do that bad boy a month early and for a couple of weeks she wasn’t napping or sleeping well at night and she was waking up super early too.  So none of us were sleeping and getting up at 6 AM to meditate and do yoga weren’t exactly at the top of my priority list.  Then the Oklahoma State basketball team was playing in Maui during Thanksgiving week and all the games were played super late at night and being the devoted alum and fan that I am, I stayed up to watch.

All that to say, I was tired most of November and most of it was my own doing.  But when I’m tired I’m not good about planning my meals or cooking healthy foods or exercising.  So we’ll just go ahead and say that November was a big, fat bust.  But in the name of transparency, I’m going to go ahead and grade myself anyway.

Are you completely confused and trying to figure out what in the world I’m talking about?  Read my October Health Check-In to get the low-down.

November 2016


The first week started off really well.  I was back on the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) wagon and feeling good.  I even dropped a couple of pounds (mostly water) in those first few days.  Then we decided to try a different eating plan that The Mister had been wanting to do.  For simplicity’s sake, I decided to join him.  We did well on that one for the first few days, but by the end of the week I was eating Goldfish and Graham Crackers by the bag-full.  We planned to get back on THM, but really, the rest of the month has been a free-for-all.  I’ve had good days here and there, but the bad days outnumber them for sure.

My water really wasn’t very good either.  I seem to do well early in the day, but as the afternoon and evening progress, I drink less and less.  It’s also harder for me to drink water when it’s getting colder out.  Not that it’s cold here, but it’s also not 90 degrees either.

Overall, I would say that my eating and water intake were flat out awful this month (with the exception of a few days) and I’m giving myself an F.  I can (and will) do better than that.


I think that exercise might be my saving grace for November.  At least the last part of the month.  Some of you might have read that I’ve decided to train for a sprint triathlon and I started my training last week.  I was in the gym 4 times last week and as of today, I’ve been 3 times this week!  I’m insanely proud of that!  The guy at the front desk at the gym seems to recognize me now when I walk in and I’d say that’s an accomplishment by itself!

As for exercise, I’m going to give myself a B.  Maybe a B- since I wasn’t very good about exercising at the beginning of the month, but I’m on a roll now!


Oh, self-care.  I think I did a full Miracle Morning maybe 6 times all month.  That’s pretty pitiful.  Those seemed to be the first sacrifice made on mornings when I was tired.  It makes sense though.  Sleep is very important and I made it a priority to get as much of it as I could, when I could while Little Miss was regressing.

I will say, I did a better job of taking some “me” time this month.  The Mister got me a massage and body facial for my birthday and it was an hour of pure bliss!  I’ve also taken some time to go to the gym and the store by myself.  That may not seem like much, but I enjoyed it.

Overall, I’m going to give myself a C again.  While my Miracle Mornings were not what I intended, I did get out of the house by myself a few times, which is an improvement.

November Stats

I weigh and measure at the beginning and end of each month and keep track in my bullet journal.  Here are my stats for November:

Weight loss- 0.6 pounds

Total inches lost- 0

These numbers don’t surprise me at all, although I do think maybe my measurements on the upper half of my body were off a bit. I’m not sure my shoulders and chest each grew by an inch and a half.  I was pleased to see that I lost an inch in each thigh and half an inch in each calf though.  We’ll credit the cycling and swimming for those numbers being down!

Looking Back at November Goals

Let’s take a look and see how I did with my November goals:


  • Be on plan the whole month with the following exceptions- family birthday party, my birthday dinner and Thanksgiving.  Don’t go overboard with eating junk on those occasions, but enjoy my meal and get right back on plan.

I think we’ve already covered this- I didn’t meet this goal.  There was a lot of junk food eaten.  I also ate poorly on occasions other than the ones I’d planned for.

  • Make some snacks ahead of time that I can grab when I’ve waited too long to eat or I’m contemplating going off plan.

I’m not sure that having snacks would have swayed me back on plan, but I didn’t make enough snacks in advance.


  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

I got 30 minutes of exercise 9/30 days.

  • Walk 100 miles.  My Fitbit goal each day is to walk 4 miles, so even if I don’t make it to 4 each day, I should still get to 100 by the end of the month. 

I walked 64 miles in November.


  • Do the Miracle Morning 30 days in a row with all 6 SAVERS components.

As mentioned before, this only happened 5 or 6 times all month.

  • Find one thing per week to do alone that’s NOT working on my blog.

I’m not sure that I did one thing per week, but I did a pretty good job of doing things alone this month.

Goals for December

I set big goals last month, but I’ve decided to be realistic for December.  There’s so much going on with Christmas and parties and family and The Mister and I are going on a trip for a few days.  I’m just trying to be real here, so I’ve set one goal in each category:


  • Be on plan (Trim Healthy Mama) as often as possible.  I know there will be parties and holidays and my goal is to not overdo it and stuff myself.


  • Do my sprint triathlon training each week.  This will be tricky with a vacation and Christmas, but I’m going to do my best to move things around so I don’t have conflicts.


  • Get back in the Miracle Morning routine.  Even if I don’t do all 6 SAVERS, I still want to read and do yoga each morning.

Alrighty, there we have November.  I’m motivated to do better in December and am anxious to tell you all about it at the end of next month!

November Health Check-In | A look at my fitness, eating and self-care in November.

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