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October Health Check-In

Heath Check-In

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I’ve really struggled lately to consistently live a healthy lifestyle.  More often than not, it seems, my cheat meals become cheat days and weeks and I’m spending entirely too much time sitting during the day.

I ran across a post by Ashley at Spit Up and Sit Ups not long ago where she does a weight loss check-in post on her blog a couple of times a month and it really got me thinking.  If I knew that I had to get on here and tell you how my month went, I might actually follow through with what I need to do.

Sure, I could just quietly quit posting updates, but that’s where you come in.  I need you to help keep me accountable- both to working toward a healthier lifestyle and posting monthly updates.  If you see me slipping up with my eating and exercise- call me out.  If a month has come and gone and there’s no post at the end of the month- call me out.

Now is it kind of terrifying to put myself and my issues out there for all to see?  Ummm…yeah, it is!  But, anyone that looks at me can tell that I could spare a couple (or 40 pounds), so really, why try pretending it isn’t an issue?

My Why

Before we begin, I want to share with you a couple of the reasons that I want to get healthy.

The first might sound a little selfish, but I’m doing it for me.  I’ve heard it said that until you decide that you’re worth fighting for, you won’t fight.  I’m bad about making myself a priority and not taking care of what I need to do for ME.  If I don’t take care of myself, who will?  My husband and daughter can’t get healthy for me.  My family and friends can’t do it for me.  I have to do it myself!  God only gave me one body, and it’s high time I start taking care of it!

My second “why” is for my husband, daughter and any children we are blessed with in the future.  They deserve the best version of me possible, and that’s not the version I’m living as right now.  My kids deserve a mom that has the energy to run around the yard with them.  And my husband deserves a fit wife that that looks as good (or better) than I did the day we got married.

So What’s This All About?

You may be wondering what these monthly check-ins will entail.  My goal is to post on the last Friday of each month.  That might change as we go along, but for now, that’s the plan.  In each check-in I will give you a run-down of how my month went in three categories: eating/water intake, exercise and self-care.  That third one may have you scratching your head a bit.  By self-care, I mean how I’m taking care of myself throughout the month.  That could be anything from how my Miracle Mornings are going to what kinds of things I’m doing to make sure I have a little “me” time during the month.  I will also let you know how my weight loss is going and what my goals for the coming month are.

So without further adieu, let’s get this party started!

October Health Check-In

October 2016


I’m not going to beat around the bush here.  My eating has pretty much stunk it up from day 1 of this month.  I’ll do well for a day or two, and then it’s right back to junk that makes me feel bad.  When I’m eating well, I follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan.  I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail about it, but if you need more information, check out their website or their book.  According to what I’ve tracked in my bullet journal this month, I’ve been on plan for 7 days.  That’s pitiful and I can do better!

My water intake has been pretty hit or miss too.  I aim for 85-90 ounces per day, and I’ll admit I haven’t been great about keeping track of how much I drink.  Most days I’m probably in the 64-72 ounce range, which isn’t bad, but I can do better.

Overall, this area has been less than stellar.  Like, A LOT less than stellar.  But that means I have room to make huge improvements!  If I were to grade my efforts in October, I’d give myself a D, only because my water intake wasn’t that bad.


I had been doing really well with getting in at least a little bit of yoga every morning, but for some reason, I’ve gotten out of that habit this month.  My initial goal was to swim, bike and run six times each over the course of October.  Since my 5K at the end of September, I’ve run once and my knee started bothering me, so that’s all I’ve done.  I have gone to the gym and done the elliptical a few times, though, and I’ve made it a point for Little Miss and I to get outside and go for a walk the last several days.  I’d like to keep that up!

Overall, I’d say my exercise hasn’t been terrible, but I need more consistency!  I would give myself a C.


My consistency with doing my Miracle Mornings has been kind of hit or miss this month too.  I think I’ve been so excited to get to work on the blog that I’ve skipped some of the important parts of my mornings.  I’m still getting up early (6-6:15) and have a couple of hours before Little Miss wakes up to get things done, which is really nice.  The Mister is really good about sending me back to my office to work and have some alone time in the evenings, which I’m grateful for.  I haven’t really gotten out of the house much by myself this month and I’d like to be better about that.

I think for this area, I would give myself a C, mainly because my Miracle Mornings haven’t been very consistent at all and I really need that time to take care of myself.

October Stats

I weigh and measure at the beginning and end of each month and keep track in my bullet journal.  Here are my stats for October:

Weight loss- 0.4 pounds

Total inches lost- 4

I’m not thrilled, but also not surprised with my weight loss this month.  I am pretty happy with the inches lost though!

Goals for November

I’m setting some lofty goals for next month, but I’d rather push myself too hard than not hard enough.  I’ve set two goals in each category:


  • Be on plan the whole month with the following exceptions- family birthday party, my birthday dinner and Thanksgiving.  Don’t go overboard with eating junk on those occasions, but enjoy my meal and get right back on plan.
  • Make some snacks ahead of time that I can grab when I’ve waited too long to eat or I’m contemplating going off plan.


  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.
  • Walk 100 miles.  My Fitbit goal each day is to walk 4 miles, so I should definitely get to 100 by the end of the month.


  • Do the Miracle Morning 30 days in a row with all 6 SAVERS components.
  • Find one thing per week to do alone that’s NOT working on my blog.

So there we go- my first health check-in!  It really wasn’t too bad and now I have motivation to work hard so that I can share good progress with you next month.  If anyone is feeling brave and wants to join in and do the check-ins with me, just leave your updates in the comments!

October Health Check-In | Updates on my eating, exercise and self-care habits in October.

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